Are You Looking for New Clients? (Who isn't?)

If so, you need to think about time WAY differently. Think of assigning a dollar amount to everything you work on. There are $10, $100, $1,000 and $10,000 tasks. Which ones are you spending the most time on?

I suspect it’s the $10 and $100 items instead of the $1,000 and $10,000 ones (which are the ones that make you money). Here are some quick tips to determine your best use of time:

  1. Write down what you work on during the day. Is it emails and putting out fires ($10/$100) or are you on the phone making new contacts and keeping in touch with great vendors and clients ($1,000/$10,000).
  1. You will quickly see where most of your time is spent and what value it has on your bottom line.
  1. Once you look at time as having a dollar value to it, it becomes clear what you should be working on and what needs to be delegated or eliminated.

Delegate or eliminate those $10 & $100 items. We take on so much, thinking it all has to be done by us or done right now. That is simply not the case.

I have put together a quick Time Currency sheet on this, which helps you categorize these tasks quickly and easily. If you are interested in getting it, just send me a quick note at and I will get it to you!


About the Author:

Pamela Durkin, founder of Pamela Durkin Designs, has been a professional interior designer for more than 25 years. She is a past-president of the ASID Florida South Chapter, one of the largest chapters of ASID in the country. She has served on the Board of Architecture and Design in NJ, after being appointed by the Governor. She has been a speaker at the IDS Southwest Florida Conference on how interior designers can run a better business. After receiving overwhelming feedback, she decided to write a book on the subject. Her book, Elevate! How to Take Your Business from the Ground Floor to the Penthouse was recently published and is now available on Amazon.