Stop just posting pretty pictures on Social Media! by Pamela Durkin


Ok, calm down, there’s more to the story (a little foreshadowing here)…..

Every designer I talk to says, “I know I should post more. It takes up so much time. It’s exhausting!” Sound familiar?

Yes, social media can be all those things but here’s a few items to consider (via Statista 2020):

  1. What platform should you be on - where are YOUR customers hanging out? Choose the BEST one and dive in deep. It’s more effective and takes all those other items off your plate.
    1. Facebook – 54% Female/46% Male, 75% income $75k+
    2. Instagram – 37% of adults here, 89% outside of the US
    3. LinkedIn – 50% have college degrees, 15% at a Senior Level of Businesses $90M+
  2. Are you being proactive? Don’t just wait for the right person to come to you. Build relationships and the ball will start rolling along.
    1. Following/connecting to your ideal client or referral source
    2. Commenting on other people’s post – not just liking but engaging. Comments go a long way.
  3. Telling stories? People LOVE stories, give them more than what they see on the surface.
    1. Don’t just post pretty pictures – it just perpetuates the myth that all we do is make spaces pretty. So much time, thought and research go into your designs, give people the back story.
    2. Talk about what’s important to you and why – people do business with people, not companies. Show more of you and you will attract those who relate to you and your philosophies.

I hope these tips help you get a handle on your Social Media. It’s there to help you get to better clients and projects, not just another item on the To Do List! All the best, Pam


Pamela Durkin, founder of Pamela Durkin Designs, has been a Professional Interior Designer for more than 29 years. She is a Past-President of the ASID Florida South Chapter and has recently started coaching other designers on how to attract their best client using Magnetic Marketing techniques. Pam can be found on Facebook in her private group, In Demand Designer, join us there!