Who Is Your "Annie"?

Who is your “Annie”?

I was speaking with Carol the other day and her biggest struggle in her design business was charging what she should. She was finding herself taking jobs for less money because she felt bad for the person. She wanted to help so badly she was actually sabotaging her success. The fall out was that she was working really hard and not making nearly the money she wanted to be making.

She briefly mentioned in passing, “I should be more like Annie, my assistant. She has no problem charging what we should be charging and she doesn’t get any pushback from the clients.” Ahhhh – the things we say as a side note are oh so brilliant!

I asked her why isn’t Annie putting together all the proposals?  “I don’t know, but that might be a good idea,” said Carol. Oh hell yeah, Carol, Annie now is doing all your proposals from now on!

With one simple shift in how she approaches her business, we figured Carol will add at least 10% to her bottom line, pretty amazing, isn’t it?

I challenge you to find your Annie in your business. Can you delegate something that you are not great at or that is costing you money so that you can focus on your unique gifts? Who’s your “Annie”?